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Is the eye the limit? Immerse yourself in an experience that will push your optical senses like never before.  Expand your knowledge on the human eye, how it has been augmented in the past, the technology available now as we look to better ourselves in the present and learn how you may even have your eyes replaced in the near future. 

Augment is a conceptual exhibition where visitors would be able to experience current augmentation technologies in the world today and see into if the human eye is the limit.



Strategy & Design

My project aimed to produce an engaging user experience for their eyes in an augmented exhibition concept. The visitors would be able to learn about the past, present and future augmentations humans have used to improve the ability of their eyes. The use of an AR wayfinding mobile application would allow them to understand the theme and scope of the exhibition before they arrived. The app would be used to direct them to the exhibtion space via outdoor advertising and once inside, around the exhibition space. The bold brand idenity created stretched across print, digital, wayfinding and motion design as I aimed to produce an exhibtion that truly stimulated the eye. 

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Augmented reality app

The Augment app exists as a complete guide to the exhibition. The AR camera feature of the app would act as your wayfinding throughout the space as a place to gain even further information about any aspect of the contents of the exhibition. The app would handle all bookings for the event itself and the activities within the space storing e-tickets for the user so they were all in one easy place for all visitors. 


Above you see the app working as the internal wayfinding, yellow arrows direct visitors to the next section of the experience, explaining what is through each door throughout their route. Information icons appear when you are near an artefact in the exhibition or a piece of work. if clicked on you will be taken to an information card produced for the artefact. Here information will be displayed with the option to take external links to find out more from a 3rd party or save the content for later.



External wayfinding

Below you see a series of images that explain how the app would work for external wayfinding. Much like the internal wayfinding, the users would utilise the AR feature of the app to reveal instructional graphics. The posters placed at local public transport locations direct users to the exhibition space using the specific transport system they're next to.

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