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The new brand identity for the Accommodation Services at Cardiff Metropolitan University and their first campaign under the new branding guidelines. 

Strategy & Design

I have created a strong, innovative Duo-branding print-based design solution using strong typography, appropriate to the target audience that promotes Cardiff Metropolitan Universities free professional ‘Student Housing Service’ to students looking to progress from ‘Halls of Residency’ after their first year. I created a striking set of posters that would explain the pain points that the client wished to convey in a way that would set the information apart from any other information available around the campus. 

The aim of this project was to create a bold and eye-catching solution for the Accommodation services at Cardiff Met to improve the engagement of first-year students with the resources available to them with the Accommodation services team.  Ensuring engagement with the poster was paramount to the success of this project, as outlined in the brief, the service aimed to ensure that students understand that the service is available and that they're there to help avoid the pitfalls of signing too early for a Shared student house.

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"Students should not feel peer pressured by either their own group of friends, the pressure is mainly instigated by outside influences/business such as Housing Agents."

"There is an abundance of shared student houses within Cardiff."
"Agents will portray that the best houses will be gone by early October, and with this, they start the pressure selling a month after students have just moved into halls mid-September."
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