Augmented Reality Lookbook Concept x Heritage

The oxford dictionary defines the lookbook as "A set of photographs displaying a fashion designer's new collection, assembled for marketing purposes". As life around us is becoming digitized, the need for the traditional is slowly diminishing. Humans are becoming accustomed to their new life's where everything revolves around a screen. The once beautifully designed, considered, and printed lookbook has suffered a decline in our technological revolution. My question is, could we use Augmented Reality to invigorate our traditional printed communication tools, increasing the relevance of print in a digital-focused era? 


My study aimed to create a lookbook that utilises AR technology to benefit customers' experience with a chosen brand.  By discussing the literature on marketing communications, the consumer journey, and customer experience, I will gain the knowledge needed to employ AR techniques to a lookbook best enhance the research stage of a consumer's journey with a brand. Using my artefact and literature on customer experience, I will discuss the effectiveness of how I have used AR within a lookbook, and what be the potential benefits it may provide customers.  My study hopes to provide evidence of AR's benefits for communication tools and provide recommendations based on my artefact and literature for future iterations. 


I believe my artefact shows that AR can be successfully integrated within a brand's marketing strategy using AR hypermedia print to create a lookbook which has displayed evidence of potential benefits to a consumer’s experience when they choose to engage with it. Using AR to create a hypermedia print design proves brands could add further information creatively and engagingly to showcase the brand's upcoming season's photographic content. Below is my dissertation editorial and a video showing how my artefact worked.

MOckiup grunge zinbe2.png
Editorial Mockup contents spread.png
Editorial Mockup second spread.png
Editorial Mockup6th spread.png
Editorial Mockup4th spread.png
Editorial Mockup first spread.png
Editorial Mockup 3rd spread.png
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