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What is Lyric studio? 
Lyric studio is a company with a passion for music and songwriting. Committed to providing a pathway for young and talented singers and musicians to get their voices heard through establishing connections and collaborations.

My involvement with Lyric studio 

Lyric studio is a project I was recently lucky enough to be involved in. I loved the idea behind their brand as they look to support younger and emerging artists and the ethos of the company impressed me. After meeting the owner I was keen to help produce a brand identity for them that would unlock the potential of their business. 


I was given to the role of branding the new business and creating a website for them too. I created the above logo for them as I wanted to utilise logotype with a marque that was drawn from the type itself. This became the mouth shape you see above and will be used throughout the branding of the business. 

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