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What is Link Up? 
Link Up is an app concept produced as part of a University lead brief. LINKUP facilitates communication between students before university. Our aim of the app is to give a platform for students to break the ice with any potential friends they may make even before getting to university.

Why do we need Link Up?

CSAD students with the University have to partake in an induction week, it was our brief to design a response to alleviate the problems caused by elements of the induction process. One of the stress points we discovered and focused our project around was the issues of students getting anxious over the initial ice-breaking with flatmates and course mates.

Based on both our own and other students experiences we identified that group chat messaging prior to getting to university helped remove the pressure of speaking to others on the first encounter. It was this finding that based our rational to produce Link Up.

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Cardiff Metropolitan University would be able to place any information about sports, societies and SU information that they want new students to be aware of.

Find other students moving to Cardiff Met and find out about them via their profiles and initiate conversations. You can also be added to group chats for potential societies you’d like to join.

Here you would have a collection of any person or group chats you were part of and you would be able to break the ice and get chatting to flatmates, course mates etc.

Upon signup, you would create a profile that consisted of a short bio, your interests, music taste and other bits about you making those first conversations even easier.

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Meet the flat!
Avoid the nerves when it comes to meeting your flatmates by getting to know them before you've even left the comfort of your own home. 
Students would be put in a group chat with their flatmates for the year. This would allow students to check out the profiles of the people they are going to be living with for the next year and also allow them to start chatting to make that initial encounter less scary.
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Meet your course!
Students would have the opportunity to be placed in a group chat with their future coursemates so they could begin to get to know one another and perhaps arrange to link up before University starts.
The parents
Students would be put in a group chat with two second-year students who would act as their parents. These parents would allow the new student to talk
to people who’re already on the course and gain any advice or ask any questions to existing students.
Now you’re speaking my language!
Get set up in a groupchat with people who share the same language as you and start chatting before your big move!
Students would be put in a group chat with any other student who selected their selected 1st language. We feel this would help students who’re coming from other countries to feel more comfortable about the move and may allow them to make friends who would last throughout their University experience.
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