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Swapdrop is a startup based on the idea of becoming a social clothes swapping platform that reinvents the way we consume fashion. Our mission is to create a site where individuals can take control of their fashion in a way that doesn't exploit each other or our environment. 

Swapdrop approached me to lead the overall branding and initial design direction of their company. I was won over and was eager to help after meeting the founder and I wanted to be involved with a project that looks to combat a real contemporary issue, fast fashion.


After creating the logo, brand guidelines and some motion work for their going live social media posts I was asked to continue work and lead the design of the Swapdrop 1.0 alpha. Currently, I am working alongside a team of talented web designers as we look to design and build the Swapdrop 2.0 web and mobile with future plans to create an application for the business.  

Checkout Swapdrop 1.0 which is currently being trialled in the PO area:

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