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False Faces - the fight against facial recognition technologies

False Faces was developed during a Univerity lead brief titled disobedient objects whereby we were asked to create our own disobedient objects and to make their campaign seem as believable as possible. I chose to research the use of FR technologies around the world and what was being done to combat the invasion of privacy that some believe FR is. 

During my search, I came across a pattern named HyperFace, a pattern that overwhelms FR systems leading the cameras to see faces in the pattern that arent really there. I wanted to use this pattern and combine it with a contemporary issue at the time - the protests in Hong Kong. Demonstrators wear masks for both practical reasons,
like protect against measures police will use against protestors and more symbolic ones. This year the Hong Kong government emplaced a law to ban face
masks to crackdown on the protest movement. The law bans protesters from wearing any sort of mask or face covering, including paint, at any public gathering, including both lawful protests and unlawful assemblies. The protest movement has valued anonymity above all else. Protesters organize online and closely guard their real identities, and their disguises allow them to protest in public with less fear of reprisal from school or work or family. The masks also protect them from being recognized on CCTV cameras around the city, which could be used to identify them and arrest them.
As a response,  created my own take the mask protests by creating a mask that could be worn by the masses to protest the overuse of FR and CCTV.

To increase the credibility of my project I produced a website design to accompany a Low-fi mask kit so that people could create their own masks out of any material. Using the stencils and material provided users would be able to spray paint the FR confusing pattern onto their own mask or any other clothing as they took to the streets to protest the invasion of their privacy. 

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