Ambitious rhetoric, appalling reality

The Internet has created a sort of democratisation of politics, where even the most naïve and uninformed voter can communicate their thoughts and beliefs, creating somewhat of a level playing field that is, quite frankly, confounding established politicians and political parties. The Internet allows everyone to discuss the information the government is feeding us and how its reality rarely lives up to their ambitious rhetoric.


As part of this years project I was asked to create a piece of critical design, as a result my project consists of the alteration and disrupted well known right wing material from the pandemic and highlighted some of the issues with their messaging, design and unfair scapegoating of the public. Online comments from readers of the Guardian formed the basis of the following outcomes. My project hopes to allow others to consider the ambitious rhetoric set by our government during this pandemic and the appalling reality of their 'efforts'


A piece of guerrilla marketing design that consists of a single sticker. These stickers make a critical comment on the media they are stuck too. Transforming it from a piece of government media to a space where a member of public could deem the posters with qualities suggested by the sticker itself.

Social media alterations of one of the most shared elements of the governments messaging over the pandemic, the weekly claps for our NHS staff and a subverted advert of another popular advert. See if you recognise it.

UGLY sticker stack .png
Bus Shelter mockup sticker .png
Black coronavirus poster.jpg
3 nobheads.jpg
round of applause tickets2.png
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